Dean Adams snapshot

Dean Adams

Thanks for visiting. My sites are under construction.

Visit the Write Your Life as a Woman page link above for class info!

Please contact me at dean@deanslistaustin.com for more information on my projects or availability. And find me on your favorite social media as @deanslistaustin or @tdeanadams.

My work includes:

PR, representation, booking and management for musicians and artists

PR, marketing and social media for small businesses, organizations and events

Freelance writing, Write Your Life as a Woman classes and writing coaching

Actor / Spokesperson

“If you are at all connected digitally – you know Dean …”
Austin American-Statesman

“… entertainment and media whiz… “
– Austin Chronicle
Leaders in Austin Music 2016, City of Austin and Austin Music Foundation
N.E.W. Leadership Texas, University of Texas, Faculty 2017
Bipartisan political training conference for college women